Sunday, August 7, 2016

I feel like I need to clear my throat to begin this blog post since it's my very first one! So...*ahem* I go...

I started this blog a year ago thinking that it would be an awesome way for me to talk about what's going on in my classroom as well as share some of what I have created for the kids.  I still think it's an awesome idea and I'm finally getting started.  Forgive me if it takes me awhile to get to the point, I often do that while friends are used to it! Ha!

So,  the reason I'm writing this post.  I'm teaching summer school for our incoming kinders this year.  It's called Early Kindergarten Transition, I call it Kindergarten Bootcamp.  It's a fun way for students to get to know the school and kind of get an idea of what to expect.  We work on letter names/sounds, number recognition/cardinality, but we also do book studies to practice sequencing and retell.  The book we did last week was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, a classic right?!  The kids absolutely LOVE that book.  

We began the week by reading the book over...and over again.  They seriously never get tired of it!  It gets to the point where I just turn the pages and they read it on their own as a class.  It's really quite cute actually.  

In any case, I thought it would be fun to have them put themselves in order, so I made these sequencing cards.

It was really interesting to watch as they did this activity.  I gave each student a card, although some kids had to wait a turn to hold a card because I didn't have enough.  The students who had to wait, actively participated by telling the students with the cards where to go. At first they really needed a lot of teacher direction, but by the third time they were bossing each other around and telling each other where to stand.  (I wish I had gotten a picture of it...)  You can get these cards for free in my store here

After we practiced putting the animals in order we were ready to make our sequencing hats!  I left the cards on the board so that they had a reference if they needed it.  

The biggest hint I have is to have the students color in the animals first.  It saves a lot of time later...

And then we made our bear heads (This was very much teacher directed!)  They turned out really cute and once again I didn't get any pictures.  I will have to remember that bloggers take lots of pictures.  Maybe if I pound it into my head, it will actually happen, huh?  

In any case here's a picture of the finished hat that I made... my youngest asked to be my model.  :)  

After the kids make the bear head, they then cut out the animal pictures and glue the animals in order onto their hats.  I have my kids hold the picture to the band and count to ten.  This assures that they get a good stick on the back.  Plus, it's a great excuse to practice some math!!  You can get the bear hat template for free here!  I'm feelin' generous!  :)

That's it!  That's all I have for today!  This was not as scary or intimidating as I thought it was going to be!  Aside from the few 'What the....uhhhhh what??!' moments inserting the pictures, this was actually quite easy!  Until next time!


  1. Megan, you make teaching kindergarten look so easy! I love your enthusiasm and your ideas! And I know students do too! Your blog was great, looking forward to more! :)